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19 September 2009

Continued Problems with Foliage Overgrown into Power Lines Near Rawhide Drive/Loop and Yucca.

The following is an email sent to Round Rock mayor Alan McGraw and members of the Round Rock City Council concerning an on-going issue where Oncor, our electric service delivery provider has neglected to trim trees overgrown into the power lines.

Dear Mayor McGraw,

Last month, following several days of calling Oncor and asking your office to intervene, Oncor representatives met with myself and others in the area and apologized for the 14-hour power outage in my neighborhood. They admitted that the power outage had been caused by a tree overgrown into the power lines which collapsed during recent storms. In response, Oncor cut down ONE tree to 'resolve' the problem. However, while the one tree did eliminate a single point of failure, which would have likely caused another future power outage, this has not addressed the wider problem affecting the area.

Attached are photos taken this evening, September 19th, which clearly show trees overgrown into the power lines in the same affected area as the power outage about which I have complained. Last month's power outage affected numerous residents and small businesses. It was caused by trees like those depicted in the attached photographs, which Oncor has allowed to grow into the power lines for years. This set of pictures represents a small sample of what is a wide spread problem in Round Rock, and especially in the Rawhide Drive/Yucca neighborhood. I would like for your assistance in resolving this matter once and for all, as Oncor appears to have no concern for the reliability of its electric grid, nor does it appear to have any concern for the fire hazard this creates for the city of Round Rock.

Sam Caldwell
PO Box 2401
Round Rock, Texas 78680
(512) 963-7805
skype: x684867

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